The Unsuspecting Lunch Spot

I was driving back to Harrisonburg from the area near Union Springs (Dayton, VA) after meeting an inspector at one of the homes I have for sale. It was noon, and my tummy was telling me that it was time to find lunch. As I drove into the Town of Dayton on Ottobine Road, I noticed an “Open” sign flapping in the wind. I flipped my head around just in time as I passed a sign that read “BBQ.” Perfect.

The newly opened (September 2017) Sunrise Bakery & Deli was open, and as I pulled into the parking lot I noticed that there was smoke barreling out of the smoker near the front door. Not really knowing what to expect, I decided this is exactly what I wanted for lunch!

As I walked toward the front of the bakery, the smell of cinnamon rolls wafted through the fall air… I can’t recall, but I am pretty sure that I floated right through the front door; cartoon-style..followyournose_5733

The interior is set up like a small grocery with bulk items & candy, potato chips, fresh baked goods, and a deli in the back. I asked a fella standing there what was good to order, and he replied, “Everything!” I settled for a brisket sandwich on homemade bun (yes, I said HOMEMADE BUN!) Yum! I even bought a loaf of wheat bread to take home… which may have been my second best decision that day!

While paying for my loot, and talking with one of the owners, he informed me that they have ribs on Fridays and that the next time I stop by I have to try the “Fat & Sassy” Chicken. Duly noted. He also mentioned that the bakery is in the basement, which explains the tantalizing aroma that welcomed me as I approached!

I went back to the office, where I was excited to announce to my colleagues my newest lunch discovery, only to find out that they already knew about this little jewel.

So, if you are in the Dayton area you really need to stop by the Sunrise Bakery & Deli. They open at 8



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