La Morena: Authentic Mexican Food

Is your idea of “Mexican” food going to Taco Bell? Then this post is not for you… or maybe it is! Let’s take a little trip together. I hope your taste-buds are ready!

Those of you who know me, know that I LOVE finding small, out-of-the-way little places to eat. I’d love to follow around Guy Fieri for a day, just to find the best little dives! The takeaway is to never judge a book by it’s cover. The best places to nosh are usually very unsuspecting!


Enter, La Morena! Half convenience store, half restaurant. It is located at 751 Chicago Avenue in Harrisonburg, VA (next to Red Front Super Market – my favorite, locally-owned, small-town grocer!!)

The parking lot is always full. Always. To me that’s a great sign of something good going on! Inside, it’s a little chaotic, but I feel that is part of the experience. You order & pay for your eats at the counter, and the friendly staff will bring it to your table when it’s ready. I highly suggest trying their aguas frescas. Super refreshing. There are always about 4 or 5 different flavors to choose from, and you can mix & match for a custom drink! Yum!

They offer sopes, tortas, tacos, pupusas, gorditos, burritos – the usual suspects. All with your choice of meat or cheese filling. Looking around, I had food FOMO of all the yummy looking plates at the tables around me. They have their full menu available to look at on Facebook @751lamorena. I know that I will be back to try a different selection again soon!


What is your favorite unsuspecting place to eat?

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